Of Blood & Stone

...And so It begins...

This particular evening there was a buzz among the orc horde. Slug the well-fed shouted orders for all the tribe to assemble around a great fire. Within moments Koto, the tribal shaman emerged from the tent of Romus Hulk declaring that she had received a vision from the Gods! Romas glared out at his tribe, as If daring one to dispute her claim. There was none. Koto began to tell her tale of a great evil that was stirring in the North. Her dream fortold that a great and ancient Dragon that lay dormant for many a year had awakened and would crush all the tribes of Belkzen. But there was hope. For in her vision, she also saw two strangers from the West that would align themselves with one from the tribe. This tribe member was to be “half-man” as the orcs referred to half-orcs. These three would travel into the mountains of the north to confront the dragon, and slay It… So says her prophecy. But who amongst the tribe would go? For It would be utter madness for one to venture into the north, only three against a dragon? “You!” shouted the old crone. “grook! Grook must go! So says the Gods!” Shouts rang out, and sighs of relief, as Grook stood and realized his destiny. “Travel west and seek out the strangers, then north to battle the beast!” And so Grook set out on his way, his three-legged Worg cub in toe.

Orcs of the Bloodied Sand

Orc5 The Orcs of the Bloodied Sand are a small, yet viable force that contends to thrive along the north eastern most regions of Belkzen. Consisting of around 40+ adult males, 60+ females & 30+ children. Their leader is Romus Hulk seconded in command by his half brother Slug the well-fed


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