• Dagog


    Dagog is the eldest son of Garog. His only desire is to see his father become cheiftain someday.
  • Fena


    Fena is the only female that carries any weight with the tribe (other than Koto). She is a half-orc rogue that is deadly with her daggers.
  • Garog


    Garog is considered by many as the orc "mouthpiece" when dealing with outsiders. Smarter than most of his breed, he is well versed in several languages and is a seasoned warrior as well.
  • grook


    Half-orc ranger
  • Kala


    A dryad? A fey? Whatever creature of the woods she be, It is truly a beautiful sight.
  • Kor


    Hobgoblin fighter
  • Koto


    Koto is the tribal shaman and "wise woman" if orcs can be considered wise.
  • Ripnut


    He's a runty Orc but boy is he mean! He is a fighter/sorcerer and is dislikled by many in the tribe, but is feared due to his ability to weild magic.
  • Romus Hulk

    Romus Hulk

    Romus Hulk is just that; a massive brute of an orc that is the current chieftain of the Orcs of the Bloodied Sand
  • Slug the well-fed

    Slug the well-fed

    Slug is a fat, oafish mountain of an orc. Not the brightest of warriors, but possibly one of the most fierce!
  • The Gorbus Triplets

    The Gorbus Triplets

    Gru, Slamdi and Slew are half-orc triplets. All are fairly "green" to the world and they tend to wander away from the tribe occasionally.
  • Tonk


    Tonk is a half-orc that is in love with Fena. Tonk sits on the council of elders.
  • Zzer


    Kobold sorcerer